Our Guide To Promoting Music On Social Media

Our Guide To Promoting Music On Social Media

Social media is something most of us use, but as a professional platform, it is not something many of are using successfully. From regular eye-catching uploads, to engaging profile pictures that stand out, there are many elements which go into developing an artist profile that will attract and maintain music fans. One of the top areas of marketing for musicians should be focused on promoting music on social media platforms, and in this blog we are going to take you through our top tips on how to create a killer profile that will build a loyal fan base.

The music market is heaving with up and coming independent artists, bands, and DJs, but how exactly do you promote your music successfully with so much competition? Of course, taking advantage of streaming platforms such as Spotify is an incredible way to promote your music, but social media marketing is something that artists must engage with to keep up relationships with not just listeners, but true fans. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have millions of monthly users, and the music industry is taking huge advantage of this. There is much more to building a music career than just creating great music. Whilst this pulls in the listeners, promoting your music online builds a brand. Something that will create engaged fans, boost followings, and allow you to become recognised across the world. 

How Do I Promote My Music On Social Media?

One of the most active and widespread social platforms that music artists are using is Instagram. Through its photo and video driven use, it is an incredible tool for artists to share not only their music, but their day-to-day lives with followers. Before beginning to promote your music on Instagram, and any other social media platforms, make sure to have a profile picture which presents exactly who you are and what your music stands for; this may be a unique logo or an image of you creating songs and performing. Make this image engaging, influential, and presenting your passion behind your music. Your bio should also communicate this, in a punchy format that includes links to streaming platforms. 

Now, jumping into your social media growth. Let’s start with the visuals:

Graphics And Video

When promoting your songs through social media, a highly engaging format can be through designing posts which give a sneak peak into lyrics, release dates, or yourself whilst creating the music. Each of your posts should be consistent with use of colours and fonts, as this helps you build brand awareness and become memorable in feeds whilst getting across your genre. Make sure to connect with fans when they comment on posts, as this shows that you value them in your music and will build strong relationships. 

If you have a new music video coming up, why not share it across your social media platforms? As you may be limited to time, it can be handy to cut some of your strongest bits into a short, powerful clip. You can then add relevant links to full videos on social media in the bio for people to follow further. Don’t forget to sync every social platform you have so that you are reaching as much exposure as possible, with regular scheduled posting to stay relevant.

Social Media Stories

There are so many elements of your music career that you can promote through online stories. You can share tour dates, releases, merchandise you may be selling and even do Q&As. Instagram has an option to create Q&A templates, where you can ask followers to ask you anything. Through this method, you can really add another personal level between yourself and fans, and answer questions that can be related to anything. Facebook also offers live video where you can do this in real-time, that will often build up a lot of views for your profile. Promoting your music on social media stories through countdowns each day will also keep fans engaged and excited for upcoming music. The great thing about stories is that you can insert links to any relevant pages for followers to listen to new releases and albums. 

The Benefits Of Social Media For Artists

Social media not only acts as a space to promote music, but also get your unique personality across. It can be difficult to stand out amongst a bundle of great talent, but with your character you can make that possible through connecting with like-minded people. The perfect social media strategy isn’t only through sharing of content, but also establishing your values as an artist, and communicating your authenticity across.

If you are looking to promote your music on various online music platforms and radio stations, it can be handy to look into email marketing. Generate a list of email addresses from music directors at relevant platforms you would like airplay, and make sure your email has a professional name. Make sure to include a few songs, along with a link to your profiles and streaming pages so they can listen to you further and pass you on. 

Social Media Growth With Famous

Famous are a passionate team driven by getting artists heard. Our promotional social media growth strategies include building brand awareness, establishing key messaging and turning viewers into listeners. This is created through a range of tactics from asset creation, graphic design, photography, and video, to content planning and news agenda hijacking. 

Other relevant services include TV and radio plugging, where we can get you airplay on major stations. Our national radio pluggers provides a comprehensive promotion campaign covering the main national stations – Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss & Heart. Along with the opportunity for interviews and further acknowledgement. 

If you are interested in creating a killer social media campaign, get in touch with the team today to get started on your growth.

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