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Famous are a passionate music promotion company backed with years of experience working in the music industry. Our music promotion service targets each music marketing platform and uses proven techniques in order to get your music placed in front of the right audience; enabling you to widen your fan base and boost your popularity online. We offer high-end services for independent artists, bands, DJs, managers and record labels internationally, and can have your music being heard by people across the globe…Are you ready to start your journey?


Music Promotion

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Why Artists Need Music Promotion

Promoting your music online not only allows you to reach your target audience directly, but also build loyal relationships with them from the get-go. Through streaming services, social media platforms, music PR and plugging, you can make yourself heard in the industry whilst engaging with a growing following. Artists across the world increase their exposure exponentially by utilising music promotion strategies, and are also able to maintain their position as an artist through keeping people up-to-date with recent releases and their journey. Getting your message out there and telling your story opens up the opportunity for emotive connections to be made, which is a strong driver in artists breaking through into the charts.

Our Spotify promotion service covers everything from pitching to playlist curators to building a professional Spotify profile focusing on how listeners are engaging with you. We will target Spotify playlists obtaining high followings within your genre, and Spotify’s own editorial playlist curated by staff to have your new releases played on lists that will guarantee to pull in a large number of plays. Whether you are an indie artist or a house DJ, we will make sure to have your music placed on the most relevant and appropriate playlist for your genre.

The radio plugging team here at Famous have an extensive list of contacts and close relationships with high-end radios and music channels across the world. Our music promoters UK are able to cover all the most popular radio stations including Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss, & Heart; having your music played in multiple environments from retail stores to gyms! We can carefully select which national or local radio stations to connect you with, and even open up opportunities for interviews to take place.

Marketing on social media has a huge impact on the success of your releases. Through various platforms, our social media team can strengthen your online presence, establish communities amongst followers and connect directly with your fanbase. We will create a tailored and personlised growth campaign that will communicate effectively with your target audience, and build a content plan where we can share anything from music video clips through to live Q&As. Having regular posts going out on social media will strengthen brand awareness and increase sharings. With use of our in-house creative team, we can design various social media posts, logos, and videos specific to each social platform requirement. This means that you are sharing visually engaging posts that will not go a miss in people’s feed.

The press release team and publicists at Famous can have your music promoted through various traditional mediums such as newspaper articles and contacting mailing lists, through to more recent strategies including TV campaigns at a global scale. Our press kits strive to utilise both online and offline campaigns, whilst connecting with highly targeted organisations and publications that will ensure the best result in engagement for your release.

Influencer Marketing is becoming increasingly popular across digital platforms, however it is becoming more difficult with so many competitors. Here at Famous, we have an extensive list of global influencers working in multiple sectors from sport to business personalities who we can work with to release your campaign.

We Offer A Range Of Bespoke Music Promotion Services

How Famous Can Help You

Many music promotion companies are highly expensive yet lack the success stories to fuel their services. At Famous we provide affordable services, whilst having created top 40 campaigns and our artists having performed live music at massive events such as the London Olympics. The services we provide include promotional, creative, and mentoring; making sure we are able to explore each aspect to take your music and brand to the next level.

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