Top 10 Music Promotion Techniques

Top 10 Music Promotion Techniques

The music industry is hugely competitive, with emerging stars rising every day from all directions. With the use of music marketing, this has been made possible for many with limited budgets making the most of being an independent artist, band, or DJ without the help of record labels. If you are looking to start your journey to having a successful music career, there are a few music promotion techniques that you can put into action. Take a look at our top 10 music marketing strategies below that you should put into full force to promote your music.

#1. Upload To Streaming Platforms

Streaming services such as Spotify for artists & Apple music is a great way for people to share their music with a huge number of eager listeners. This platform helps you find music fans, and build up a number of plays that will boost your popularity in the music scene. Through Spotify promotion, you can manage your professional profile with visuals to capture your music, highlight your favourite songs, add each of your albums, and even create playlists. Not only is this an amazing music promotion technique, but you can also make money from the number of plays you receive.

#2. Play Live Performances 

Getting yourself out there and physically known allows you to play at events targeted at your specific genre. Playing live at events not only creates a space for your already fans to gather and connect, but also for you to reach a much wider audience through other artist fans. Performing live creates an incredible atmosphere, and provides an opportunity for you to really show who you are through your energy on stage, and the story you tell through your music. Your fan base can then build an even stronger bond with you, and really feel connected to the songs you perform.

#3. Start Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The first step may be to create great music, but how you then share it online is where the followers grow. You can spend months writing an incredible EP or album, for it only to be heard by friends and family and not receive the recognition it deserves. Becoming active on social media platforms creates a business behind your passion, where you can regularly share engaging posts, live snippets, and stories for your fans to watch and react to. Having this music marketing plan in place will allow you to build on followers and create a community amongst them is where the strongest relationships are formed. You can then use these music promotion techniques on social media accounts, where fans can rave about new releases and share songs further on their profiles.

#4. Create And Share Music Videos

Creating music videos is an exciting form of marketing that really engages an audience. People appreciate the effort that goes into this, and it allows a form of creativity where you can compose a visual story to mirror your music. Your music is also much more likely to be shared further if there is a video to go along with it which makes it, making it one of the most rewarding music promotion techniques. If you are struggling with budgets, creating a lyrical video or simply using snippets of you recording can be a handy alternative.

#5. Submit To Playlist Curators

There are thousands of playlist curators across platforms such as Spotify searching for relevant music to add to their playlists; many of which have a large number of followers awaiting your songs. Before pitching to the curated playlist, make sure your Spotify profile is full of your latest and best music, along with professional images. You can even submit to Spotify’s own playlists that get the largest engagement.

#6. Use A Radio Plugging Service

Using a plugging service improves your chances of getting airplay on major radio stations and TV channels. This involves contacting music directors with your music, where they will then decide whether they want to promote your music on their platform. At Famous, we specialise in TV and radio plugging, providing a link between our clients and an extensive list of contacts in the music industry. This has proven hugely successful for many of the artists we work with, and has even resulted in interviews and further coverage to promote their music.

#7. Network With Other Artists

Networking with clients may feel like you are working with your competition, but in the music industry, this acts as support and an amazing opportunity to land yourself gigs at genre specific events. Getting to know other professionals in your position can be a great music promotion technique through helping each other and even collaborating on songs. This way you will feature in each other’s albums and profiles, reaching another audience to share music with.

#8. Plan A Press Release

An electronic press kit can hold all the information needed to be shared with any relevant music blogs, journalists, newspapers or directors. This pack contains your biography, music samples, images, press coverage, contact information and your best performances. The press kit can then be easily downloaded through your website, or directly sent to appropriate recipients.

#9. Set Up Email Marketing

You may think this is a tired music promotion technique, but through this method you can contact hundreds of fans within a click, providing any up-to-date information with your newest releases. The great thing about email marketing is that you can not only maintain connections with your fan base, but also add links to purchasing pages to build an income from your music career.

#10. Create Contests To Get Your Profile Shared

Using social media to create contests is highly successful in being shared thousands of times and getting placed in front of many different audiences. A known example of this is where you have an event coming up, and offer a free ticket at random for anyone who shares the post, tags a friend and follows your page. People jump at the opportunity to attend a music event for free by doing something that will take them a matter of seconds.

And there we have it! If you have been on the hunt for music promotion techniques, then hopefully you now have a load to put into action and get your music known. At Famous, we specialise in a vast variety of promotional and creative services for artists, so get in touch if you want to work with the team.

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