How To Make Money From Radio

How To Make Money From Radio

Making money from music. Something most artists are looking for, but how exactly do you get there? From fuling life into the public by busking on the streets, to getting to know the right people and landing major gigs at events. Anyone can do it, as long as you have the drive and passion for your music through creating powerful songs energised from your dedication. One way in which many up and coming artists are making money and reaching a world of listeners is through radio. One example being BBC Music Introducing. This exciting platform, like many other FM and online radio stations have, showcases the most exciting rising stars. You are probably thinking but how do I get acknowledged by them? To get your music played on the radio, you can either contact radio’s directly, or go through a radio promotion company such as Famous. This approach combined with your own promotional work is key, and can make you money through paid royalties and further sharing.

Benefits Of Having Your Music Played On The Radio

Having radio airplay not only has it’s financial benefits, but also huge influences on growing your fanbase. It allows a space in which you can access an array of listeners, and build connections with the public through your music. From radio broadcasting, listeners can then form a bond with you, and look further for your songs on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and social media. This will massively increase your following, downloads, and plays on internet radio stations. Both coming hand in hand in boosting your popularity and becoming recognised across not only the UK, but the world. You can even target genre specific stations, which can have you played in front of your perfect fanbase. When stepping into promoting your music through radio, it can be handy to start by contacting local smaller radio stations before working on getting national plays. 

Many radio stations make money by playing artists’ music, and they love to hear new talent. Understandably, the worry for many is how to get the edge on their competition. Your success will be by composing music that will connect and captivate the deciding listeners. Offer something fresh, emotive, and most importantly; a story or message behind the song. Take time with proposing the best song that will communicate you best, this opportunity can be a game-changer for your career, and can reach listeners with the potential to sign you. 

How Famous Can Make You Money From Radio Plays

Our UK radio plugging team has years of experience in the music industry. With connections and past plugging to major music channels such as Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss & Heart, we can be sure to get your music placed in front of a huge base of listeners. The process involves our team pitching to DJ’s, playlists, heads of music to get you both promotional and paid opportunities on radio websites and FM. As well as being able to generate revenue for you from radio plays, we also promote our artists through TV plugging, for music channels including MTV, The Box, Kiss Radio, Starz, and Chart Show TV. Interested in working together and making money from online radio? 

Not only do we offer plugging, but also various products or services such as graphic design, PR, mentoring and much more. If you are looking for pretty much any creative and promotional service at an affordable price, let’s talk. Get in touch with the team today. 

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