Our Top 5 Tips For Music Album Promotion

Our Top 5 Tips For Music Album Promotion

Making an album is a journey. A journey of which you want a bunch of awaiting listeners at the end destination. Whether you promote your music through streaming platforms or are investing in press releases, there are various ways in which you can get your EP or album release heard. Independent artists can often struggle to have their talent become recognised in the music industry, lacking big budgets for pricey promotional services and labels for their music album promotion. 

There is always a fear of spending so much time creating something incredible, for it to not be appreciated. That is why music album promotion is so important. When using the appropriate methods below, you can be acknowledged for your talent and passion behind your music. Record labels and important influences recognise this, and it can be a great stepping stone towards building a strong and growing fan base. 

Successful music album promotion will have a huge impact on your music career, but getting it done right is the tricky part. Let’s jump into our top 5 tips so that you can reach your destination and be heard by a crowd of listeners!

#1. Release A Music Video

Releasing an individual music video prior to the album release can be exciting for fans and build up suspense. This is done by many of the most famous artists, and allows a sneak peek into what’s to come. Choose one of your most powerful songs from the album that will grab the attention of current fans and get people talking about your album. Make sure the music video matches the tone of the song and that the vibe of the album is perfectly captured. Once shared, engage with comments and answer any burning questions they have on the album. It’s important to keep the suspense growing throughout the build up to the official release date. 

#2. Boost Your Online Presence

Engaging with music fans on social media is the best way in which you can shout about your album. When implementing social media marketing campaigns, you can get the word out effectively through posts, stories and videos. A great way to promote your new music online can be through regular countdowns, Q&As on your upcoming album, and snippets into the creation. This lets fans and further listeners feel part of your journey and keep following you. You can also include links to where the album can be purchased on each piece of content you share so that fans can easily find it on the release date. A good trick is to let followers know how to set up pre-orders to build up excitement, and have them fear the feeling of missing out: Don’t forget to add all of your albums to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Even if people can’t purchase your album, listening through Spotify will increase your profile plays and stream shares.

#3. Play Live Performances

For many it can be difficult to play live performances, but landing as many as you can allows a space where you can announce and share album songs to a huge audience. If you are unable to do this, then busking to the public and putting a few albums beside you for people to see can get you recognition. On the streets anyone can hear your music, even important people in the music market that may then offer you airplay on radio stations, or to play at events. The public also tends to film great talent playing on the streets, that may then be shared online and have you circulating amongst social media users. 

#4. Use Email Marketing

Generate a list of contacts that may be interested in sharing your new album. These may be music blogs where people can rave about your new releases or music magazines. A good tactic is to try contacting local and regional businesses, as they love to share music stories based on local talent. When contacting blogs or publications, make yourself stand out through really getting your personality across and the exact messaging you are trying to achieve in your album. 

#5. Use A Radio Plugging Service

Radio plugging services allow you to get airplay on radio stations across the UK and world. Pluggers specialise in pitching to music leaders, and provide the middle man connection between you and radio stations. Through using a radio plugging service, you can have the chance to be played on radios in front of thousands of listeners. This is huge coverage for an independent artist, and you will even receive airplay royalties for your music being played. Anyone that likes what they hear will be sure to find you on streaming platforms and social media, where they can then find your new album to listen to and purchase. It is an incredible opportunity to have your music played on major stations, which will get your name circulating in the music industry.

At Famous, we offer TV & Radio plugging services to artists allowing their music to get major airplay. Through years of experience and strong connections in the music industry, we have developed a leading radio plugging service that has huge success. Our national radio pluggers cover the main national stations including Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss & Heart. We also have regional radio promotion covers selecting independent local radio across the UK. The process involves our pluggers pitching to heads of music, DJ’s and presenters, aiming to provide clients with both playlist additions and opportunities for interviews and PA’s at roadshows. 

We also offer various other mentoring and promotional services such as social media growth, Spotify promotion, influencer marketing and press and PR. If you are looking to take your music to the next level, let’s talk. Get in touch with one of the team today.

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