Logo Design

Artists are like brands; they are household names which whether you like their music or not, you know who they are. Logos are as important as tracks and photos. They’re on single covers, social media sites, websites, drum skins, t shirts, stickers, you name it, an artist logo goes everywhere!

Our graphic design team has years of experience in creating brands, not just for artists, but also other household names. They know how to match a visual with a sound and how to create a logo that will live long past your first album.

We’ll get your ideas first, brainstorm typography, colours and shapes with you to ensure that we are going down the right path. Some artists have lots of ideas about what they want from a logo, others have no idea and prefer to let our designers take care of creating a visual identity for them.

However you want to be seen, and remembered by your fanbase, it starts with a logo.

Social media can make or break your campaign as an artist. No matter whether it’s an upcoming tour, single release or general online marketing, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube amongst other platforms which rotate in popularity are essential tools for any artist in the modern music industry.

Our social media team work with the regional A&R managers and our photographers to create bespoke social media designs that are compatible across all platforms. Whether it’s for a single release campaign or a fully branded live venue tour, our team can create all-singing, all-dancing visuals that will be appealing to your fans and stand out from the millions of other online artist social media sites.

Your social media platforms will be fully optimised to fit the required specification of the platform providers as well as allowing you to cross promote between your platforms to grow your fanbase and encourage a more viral reach of your social media content.

Social Media



Once you’ve had a new logo created and overhauled your social media sites you’ll want to start looking at establishing an artist website. Our packages include sourcing the most effective URL for you as an artist plus hosting your site.

Our web developers can create a bespoke site for all your content as an artist. Our sites include biography, music, videos, photos, social media plug-ins to bring all your platforms together, e-commerce facility to sell merchandise and music all as standard. If you’re looking to create something even more complex, we are able to develop, code and design a totally bespoke for you.

Utilising your artist logo and new website our graphic team can create a range of merchandise for you to sell through your e-commerce store. Linking up with a nominated Paypal you can sell your merchandise direct to fans online and order stock as and when it is required, so there is a minimal initial outlay.

Our graphics team can design a range of vast artist merchandise including tshirts, snapbacks, festival bands, pens, mugs, lighters, bags, plectrums, basically anything which your fanbase might use or wear can be branded with your artist logo and made available for them to buy.

For tours and single release campaigns we can design and produce limited edition t-shirts and other items which can be fully branded with the tour name and dates, these special limited edition pieces are highly sought after by some fans which means you can sell them at your gigs at increased prices to capture the impulse buyer and create more revenue to help fund yourself to move forward.