There comes a time in every artist’s career when they need a professional, high-definition music video. Whether it’s a promo video to introduce you to the industry or a fully produced high-end video for a single release campaign, it’s an important investment that every artist will need to make.

We work with some of the UK’s most exciting music video directors to create videos that are unique and packed with engaging themes. Our directors’ music videos are of an award-winning standard and are regularly broadcast on all major music channels. Our team have worked for major labels and international management companies creating valuable videos for some of the industry’s brightest new artists.

We’ll take care of all the arrangements – from booking locations, to make-up artists, stylists and extras – all you have to do is focus on your performance. Our rates are flexible to your requirements; a consultation will take place before any treatment or storyboard is produced so we will work within your budget to produce a high-quality and professional standard music video.


For artists who don’t need a full music video or want an option for more affordable music videos, a high-definition live performance video is a perfect way for you to attain a significant online visual presence. Our live performance videos are edited takes of you performing your music, taken from multiple angles. Using the best industry standard videography equipment and editing programmes, we’ll place your shots together in the same way a regular music video would look. Live performance videos can be filmed on location or in a studio, and are usually treated like a real performance.

Performance videos are also a great way to show your live performance ability without relying on shaky camera phone footage. Most artists also find that live performance videos consistently secure them better (and more) live gig opportunities. Our team can provide artists with this useful tool early on in their careers, often before they have a full music video. Some artists prefer to use concert footage as well as studio takes – this can be arranged for you if you feel it’s more suited to your own music and performance style.




To really take your online visual presence to the next level, consider 360° video options; our videographers are leading the way with this immersive, cutting-edge media style. With 360° video, there are many things to consider: the concept planning, location scouting, shooting, stitching, app development and deployment. Where the video will be displayed and what the end goal of the project is will ultimately be up to you. We’ll listen carefully to your goals and expectations and together with your team come up with a tailored scenario. Our 360° videos can also be produced in traditional video form and distributed across all the major video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.