Who we are

Our story

The Famous Company is a globally recognised, boutique, music services agency. Since first launching in 2010, we’ve built a team of award-winning industry professionals who offer a range of high-end services for labels, managers and artists across the globe.

Our mission; to serve the independent music sector with high-quality creative, mentoring and promotional services. As an established business, our mantra has always remained the same – to take great talent further and make great music.

Over the last 10 years we have assisted artists, managers and independent labels from London to Los Angeles, Sydney to Sheffield. Together, we have helped thousands of artists to launch a music career, secure airplay on international radio and TV stations, achieve millions of streams on Spotify, sign sync and licensing deals, and take the stage at high profile events including the London 2012 Olympics.

Our founders have worked across the music industry creating girl bands, top 40 campaigns and music industry apps.

Don't just take our word for it.

Excellent service - I had a mentoring session with The Famous Company which proved to be very productive & overall beneficial. As an up and coming independent artist, there are few places which offer this kind of service. Would 100% recommend.
Elliot Jones
I’ve had an amazing experience with the team at The Famous Company. They’ve taken my career to the next level. True experts in their work! I’d recommend when you’re ready to take your music career serious give them a call for a consultation.
Dan Marsh
New York
I have been working with The Famous Company since the very beginning of my career until now. They have always helped me to achieve some of my goals: creating the artist brand; helping me to record my debut album; producing my first music video and my first photo session.
Chico Freitas