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Established in 2014 to help emerging artists succeed in the music industry The Famous Company grew into the largest artist development company in the UK – but with growth, came change. As we got bigger we realised that we could do more to support not just artists but also managers and independent labels as they face the countless challenges and demands of life in the music industry. Whilst helping talented musicians to get a foothold in the UK music scene will always be at the heart of our business, we’re proud to say we are now not just the largest artist development company in the UK but also one of the leading music service providers globally. We’ve nurtured a team of industry experts and professionals to offer a range of bespoke high-end services that can be tailored to meet your needs if you’re a label, manager, artist or anyone wanting to build a career in the music business.

In the last decade the music industry has changed beyond recognition with the growth of streaming and social media and the decline of A&R at major labels. This marks a shift in how new artists are found and how music is produced, distributed and purchased. We’re at the forefront of this change and have designed modern and affordable services that tackle these issues – this could be anything from digital playlisting to social influencing. We’ve got the people in place to turn your vision into a project that really works for you. Our award-winning team of industry leading creatives includes graphic designers, photographers and videographers. We are experienced in branding and conceptual design and have individuals in place to help you maximise on press exposure, PR opportunities, touring and plugging campaigns. Our roots in consultancy are now stronger than ever, with a team of dedicated A&R and account managers that are fundamental to the work we do everyday – helping clients with budgeting, KPI analysis and end-to-end project management.

At The Famous Company we are committed to helping you make great music. When the lights come on, we’ll be there.

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