Social Influencer Marketing

Impact through influencers social reach

The world of digital marketing is changing quickly, with many traditional digital marketing techniques slowly becoming redundant.

As a musician, amassing enormous numbers of followers on social media is becoming increasingly difficult without huge amounts of media exposure, or a chart-topping hit under your belt. With this in mind, we’ve pioneered an incredible service that utilises the power of global social influencers to help boost your music’s exposure. We’ll work with you to determine your market and fan demographic, and then will work directly with influencers in house to plan a release campaign and impact date. We have the largest up to date database of global influencers from a range of different sectors – including TV, Radio, Sport and business personalities.


What is a social influencer?

A social influencer is someone who is has amassed an enormous online following through his or her work. Examples of these would be; TV personalities, Youtube vloggers, Radio presenters.

Traditionally an influencer would have a huge active following across all social platforms.

How would an influencer campaign work?

  • We will start with an initial consultation to determine your market demographic
  • Next we will compile a list of suitable social influencers with a huge social reach
  • We will negotiate with these influencers to agree a fee and impact date
  • We will work with and manage the distribution of your music through these social influencer and ensure that the campaign is a success
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