At Famous, we’re about creating a buzz for new music. Our nightclub plugging service has been involved with some of the biggest releases in UK music. You name it, our specialist plugging team have probably worked on the promotion of the track. 


All we need from you is a package of remixes – the more diverse the package, the wider the reach and the more plays your track will receive. We’ll send your tracks to DJ’s who hold regular slots at mainstream venues, including some of the UKs biggest chains of clubs and bars. Your remix package will also reach more targeted events, like under 18s nights, gay clubs and student unions.




As a tastemaker for new tracks, nightclub plugging is a cost-effective way of getting your music out there. Whether it’s to build a buzz as part of a long-term release campaign, or as a pre-release to raise awareness of a new artist, a 10-week campaign with Famous provides comprehensive feedback about how gaining traction in this domain can transform your presence in the UK club scene. Using this feedback, we’ll work with you to decide the next steps in your music industry journey.

Each week you’ll receive this feedback report with comments from a range of DJ’s, plus targeted analysis of where your track is performing best around the UK. The DJ’s will also give a score based on feedback from the public (things like how well your track held-up on the dance floor and how many club-goers requested it to be played). Towards the end of your campaign, our team will give feedback to Music Week (who compile the UK club charts). In the last year, our plugging team helped hundreds of tracks to chart in the weekly club-charts top 10. We will help you solidify your stamp in the music scene.

Also, if you’re looking for help with getting your tracks remixed, check out our remix production services.