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Over the last decade, Spotify has become the world’s most popular way to consume music, and has 356 million of us currently signed up. With its popular and highly sought-after self-curated playlists (and thousands of independent and brand owned playlists) who wouldn’t want to promote their music on Spotify? Our unique Spotify artist promotion service not only covers pitching for playlist placement, but emphasises increasing streams, monthly listeners and followers of your Artists profile too. 



Our Spotify Artist Promotion service targets a hybrid of engagement groups, comprising Spotify users and curators of brand-owned, independent tastemaker, and highly sought-after Spotify editorial playlists.

We provide real Spotify promotion services at a fair rate. All plays are 100% organic, and they’re eligible for royalties as well as the official Spotify chart. Increasing your streams will also mean more overall monthly listeners, making your music more likely to show up in search ranks or algorithm generated playlists – exponentially increasing your popularity as a musician.

Remember, never buy Spotify streams – this could result in you being banned from the platform and your music removed permanently. But don’t worry, we will help you with gaining streams in an organic capacity; we operate our services in a way that puts genuine value and longevity at the heart of what we do – and we want you too to prosper in this way. 

Even before your music is released, you have the opportunity to pitch to Spotify’s own editorial playlists. These incredibly sought-after music collections – curated by in-house editorial staff at Spotify – are updated each week with the hottest releases from artists all over the world. Aim to take advantage of this massively beneficial opportunity for exposure.

Once your release has been scheduled, we recommend you submit for playlist consideration through your Spotify for Artists profile (around 4 weeks before release). There are thousands of tracks submitted each week – so competition is tough. But fear not; even if your track is not selected for an official Spotify editorial playlist, those who follow your Artist profile will have your new track added to their Release Radar – helping you to start building organic streams right away. We’ll aid you with all of this, including the pitching process.

In addition to the official editorial playlists, there are thousands of user generated playlists that your music could be considered for. Some have more followers than Spotify’s own official playlists, and our music marketing professionals have years of experience in finding the right promotional opportunities for your music using these popular music hotbeds.Our Spotify promotion team have built an extensive network of Spotify playlist curators across the world, from all music genres. We are the best Spotify promotion company to enhance your career, and we want to get your music in front of Spotify’s 356 million active monthly listeners.



Most frequent questions and answers

Spotify updates their statistics once a day although it can take up to 4 days for the streams to update on your Spotify for Artists profile. Your monthly listeners and popularity will also increase alongside the streams. For new releases it can sometimes take slightly longer for streams to be calculated and accurate show on your Spotify for Artists profile.

Spotify gives an equal opportunity to artists of all genres – pop, rock, urban, country, electronic plus thousands of sub genres to get in front of a new audience. An audience exists for every genre no matter how old or new your music is.

We’re able to target your Spotify promotion depending on your fanbase and, if you have music already released, yout current Spotify audience. Whether you’re looking for a US or UK specific promotion, want to focus on Europe, or further afield, your bespoke Spotify promotion campaign can be tailored exclusively for you.

Although you’re not buying Spotify streams, all streams develived as part of your Spotify promotion are 100% organic, and as such, will result in revenue being collected and paid out to you through your music distributor (CD Baby, Distrokid etc). To get an estimate of how much you could earn click

It’s not essential to claim your Spotify for Artists profile for your Spotify promotion to begin, However if you want your track(s) to be considered by playlist curators you need to be able to demonstrate that you are an authentic artist. Our guide to getting Verified on Spotify has more information on this.

All streams from our monthly Spotify promotion service are 100% organic and real, eligible for the Spotify chart. Buying streams on Spotify is illegal, so as a result we are unable to provide an exact timeframe on how long it will take to achieve the guaranteed number of streams.