Why Your Music Probably Isn’t Being Played On The Radio

Why Your Music Probably Isn’t Being Played On The Radio

Having your music played on the radio can be a huge turning point in your career. The scope for outreach and brand building is incredible, with a large number of listeners and the opportunity to be heard by important music directors on major labels. If you are contacting radio stations but seeing no success, there are various reasons why this may be the case. Check out a few reasons below and see your radio airplay start to rise in the music industry.

You Are Jumping In At The Deep End

Wondering why your music probably isn’t being played on the radio? Many artists often make this mistake, contacting huge national stations to play your music before any prior plays. The huge amount of competition through this is where up and coming artists get lost, and can be a knock back for many. A great way to start is to share your music with regional smaller stations or community radio stations. Not only is the competition lesser, but you are also of more value for their station through being from the area; Local radio stations find this exciting to play. It is also useful to target genre-specific stations, this way you are not only much more likely to be played, but also for the right audience. Once you have grown your confidence and had a few plays through this process, getting hold of bigger stations such as BBC introducing can be the next step.

You Are Not Visible On Music Platforms And Social Media

Music program directors may listen to your song and be interested in finding you further to build a real understanding of you as an artist. If you are missing online, or lack engaging profiles, this can have a huge halt on your music career. Artists need to be able to be found, whether that is through Spotify, Instagram, or YouTube. Radio directors want listeners to be able to listen to your song then find you further themselves, and without sufficient profiles you won’t be able to connect with a fanbase. A few tips to create a successful artist page includes regular content sharing, engaging with followers, and uploading clips of you singing and discussing your journey as an artist. This forms a way in which fans can gain a more personal relationship with you, whilst having access to your music to tag friends and share further.

How Famous Can Get You Radio Airplay

Famous is backed by a team of highly experienced radio pluggers who are passionate about growing rising stars. With a vast list of connections to both local and national stations, we have successfully had our clients heard by huge audiences, and are certain to have you achieve major airplay. A few of the radio stations we work with include BBC Radio 1, KISS, Capital FM, and Heart, and have even opened up opportunities for interviews and PAs. If you are interested in getting yourself heard on the radio, get in touch with the Famous team today.

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