The 5 Best Ways To Promote Your Music Online

The 5 Best Ways To Promote Your Music Online

You have just spent months perfecting your music, and the time has come to start planning ways to promote your music online. This is your chance to make yourself heard in the music industry, and is the very beginning of building an engaged fan base. 

From electronic press kits to streaming platforms, you are searching for that crack in the wall to break through into the music market. The great music may already be there, but it’s how you promote your online music now that will build a strong music career. Below we are going to talk through the 5 best ways to promote your music online, and how you can do this successfully. 

#1. Music Videos

Whether it’s a short, eye-catching snippet to give music fans a glimpse into your new music, or a fully produced music video for a song, EP or album, releasing music videos are a great way to promote your music online. This gives fans a feel for your music visually, and is an exciting way to pull in followers and create another level in building brand awareness for your music profile. Using YouTube channels, TikTok, and Instagram are a few of the best video and social channels to share your music. TikTok has blown up over recent years in making many viral through posts based around music. People are creating short, snappy, unique dances to songs, which then involves a simple click for another follower to copy the same song into their post. Don’t forget to use hashtags to get it visible and trending!

#2. Achieve Coverage In Music Blogs

Contacting relevant music blogs and magazines about your new music can get you incredible coverage for the right audience. People who work here are looking for success stories like those coming from rising stars, so what’s stopping you? Gather together and jot down the most exciting things about your music, the messaging behind it and a bit about your personal life. This gives journalists an insight into not only your music career but the person behind it. Share some of your most powerful music in the email for them to refer to if they decide to write a piece about you, and add some links for them to follow further on social media.

#3. Create A Mailing List

As an up and coming music artist, make sure to have professional social media profiles and a website where you can share your journey with followers. Through these platforms you can keep up engagement with fans, through regular scheduled posting and more personal posts that will create loyal relationships. From here, you can organically gather email addresses from posts and website visitors, who you can then send out a regular email with any updates on your music career, and every time you release a new song! This is a direct distribution channel where you can connect and maintain conversation with fans, that feels much more natural and can contain links to album purchasing pages.

#4. Network With Other Professionals

Connecting with professionals and networking is essential in getting yourself known amongst relevant musicians. This is not only great for the sharing of your music online, but also getting the chance to play at events in front of hundreds of listeners. You’ll have many more opportunities arise when having relationships with other people in the music industry; who you know in the music world is a huge leg up for your success. There are a few ways you can go about doing this, from finding people on social media, to specific music networking events for independent musicians. 

#5. Share Your Music In Targeted Groups

You’ll probably have a specific vibe around your music and a genre which drives your albums, and finding niche groups to target is the perfect place to build a fan base. There are groups for pretty much every genre of music across social media platforms, along with genre specific playlists on streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music. Make yourself known in these groups; engage with people in the comments, share your songs, and show your support to other music artists. Not only are these great for promoting your music to the best audience, but also another way in which you can network with others and build those important relationships.

Promote Your Music Online With Famous

Famous offers various music promotion services for independent artists, bands, DJs, record labels and managers. The passionate team uses a variety of tactics to successfully distribute your music in front of the right audience. Our range of promotional services include Spotify and radio promotion, social media growth, music PR, and influencer marketing. The bespoke services will not only allow you to reach a new audience with your music, but also increase your revenue and build a professional profile which will connect with fans. Whilst we offer a range of promotional services, we also provide creative services including writing and producing, photography and graphic design. Whatever you need to get your music off the ground, Famous are here to kick off your journey. 

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