How To Promote a Spotify Playlist

How To Promote a Spotify Playlist

What Are Spotify Playlists?

As an up and coming artist, Spotify is your best friend. With over 243 million active users, the platform is the most popular way to listen to, and promote, music. A popular feature of the app are their Spotify playlists. The app holds over 4 billion curated playlists, each containing music tailored to a specific genre, activity, or mood. If you’re a heavy metal fan, wishing to cook dinner, and you’re in an angry mood, you will likely find a playlist to suit the vibe. 

Learning how to create and how to promote a Spotify playlist is important as an artist. 

Spotify playlists can range from 0 followers, to millions. Many users, when searching a specific keyword in spotify, will choose the playlist with the most followers. Thus, spending time creating unique playlists which include your music, or represent your brand, is a valuable way to improve visibility to your official Spotify artist profile and increase streams. 

If you wish to learn how to promote your Spotify playlist, The Famous Company have put together our top tips in doing so.

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Our Top Tips on How to Promote a Spotify Playlist

Creating The Perfect Playlist

Before delving into playlists promotion, it is crucial that your product, per say, is worth promoting. Each popular playlist on Spotify has reached that level of fame due to their high quality and tailored tracklist. 

Do Your Research 

The first stage in ensuring a high-quality Spotify playlist is by doing your research. When looking to create the perfect playlist, you need to identify your target audience, and what they like to listen to. If your aim in playlist creation, as an artist, is music promotion, you must analyse what other music your listeners enjoy. Where do your listeners place you as an artist in the vast kaleidoscope of music genres? This will allow you to construct a playlist which fits perfectly into your niche. 

That being said, you must also never lose sight of your own personal tastes. Much of the music you create as an artist is influenced by the bands and artists you personally enjoy. Creating a playlist which promotes these genres will create a unique, and perfectly tailored playlist. 

Name and Bio

Creating a unique, eye-catching name is an important way to make your playlist stand out. Straight forward, descriptive names are fine. However, it will be much harder to beat the competition in users’ Spotify search engines if you name your playlist Hip Hop Music, or Pop Punk. Many successful playlists use original names that represent a mood or a vibe that fits the niche. The spotify playlist, Creamy, for example, contains dream-like dance music. The name alludes to the genre, but also works to stand out. 

On the other hand, your Spotify bio should be descriptive of the music in the track list. Describing the specific genre, and including the names of popular artists that are included in your playlist is a tactical way to improve the playlist’s SEO. 

Playlist Format

Studies show that when users browse playlists on Spotify, they will judge the content from the first three to five songs. Therefore, placing the best songs at the top of your playlist will help keep visiting listeners. 

It is also important to constantly update and circulate the music in your playlist, to keep the content fresh. Studies suggest that 50-200 song playlists are the best performing. Don’t forget that many who stumble across your playlist will be active playlist listeners, finding new playlists each day or week. Cater your playlist to those browsers, who may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of listening to 500 new artists in a day. 

How to Promote your Spotify Playlist

Now that it is in perfect shape, it’s time to share your playlist with the world. 


The social network, Reddit, is one of the best locations to promote your music and your playlists. Reddit is full of subreddits which are as broad as r/SpotifyPlaylists, or more niche, like r/blackmetal and r/lofihouse. Reddit is a highly interactive community, and each subreddit will contain people passionate about that particular genre. Therefore, sharing your playlist to these subreddits is a sure fire way to increase traffic to your spotify profile. 

Social Platforms 

Another way to promote your Spotify playlist is to ensure that it reaches as many eyes as possible. Use social media to post your playlist to your followers. While not everyone will be interested, many will be, particularly since those who follow you may be like-minded in taste. Ask friends to share your playlists too. If you are lucky enough to know any of the artists included in your playlist, be sure to ask them to post it to their platform. This increases streams for yours and their music on Spotify, so they will be likely to be on board with sharing. 

Music Service Agencies

A crucial way to promote your playlists is to use a music services agency. The Famous Company can help you create and promote your music, and your playlists. We have links with the best Spotify curators, and know all the tips and tricks for Spotify promotion. Our proven methods will help you increase your streaming revenue and monthly listeners. We will assist you getting your music into Spotify’s own editorial playlists, through your Spotify for Artists profile. 

In addition, you can use websites such as, which has collaborated with the app Playlist a Day. The company’s playlist curators will allocate new playlists to users every day. As an artist, you can add your playlists to the mix and find new followers. 

Spotify Playlist Exchange 

Spotify provides resources to help promote playlists. Their Audio Exchange allows users to partake in playlist exchanges. Similar to Reddit, you can click through to a niche genre and share your playlist, improving traffic. 

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