From Italia with Love: European Pop Export ‘LUKE ATME’ Releases Music Video for New Single ‘Perdóname’

From Italia with Love: European Pop Export ‘LUKE ATME’ Releases Music Video for New Single ‘Perdóname’

Perdóname, meaning “forgive me’, pretty much sums up the essence of Italian pop vocalist LUKE ATME’s new single. Spanning together a unique blend of contemporary pop and reggaeton beats, ‘Perdóname’ is a fresh, expressive track, bringing LUKE ATME’s self-proclaimed sass and eloquence to life on record.

The music video for the track, filmed in the iconic streets of Shoreditch, London, takes us into an indelicately suave expedition, putting us in the mood for something a little more ‘party’. In an episode of South American dance moves and erogenous gestures, the film clip strips back a layer of innocence, instead taking us downstairs to an exclusive dancefloor to show off some Latin dance moves!

To embellish the narrative of the track, LUKE ATME explains that the song refers to an accumulation of those ‘great nights’, the ones when you go out and meet someone level-headed, and in that moment you share everything, but by the end of it you can’t even remember their name. To be fair, I think we’ve all done this before, and more often than not we do feel a little bad about it. Then the old ‘what if’ falls into our head, we get over it, and then we do it all again the following weekend!

Based now in London, Luke initially started out his creative career as a dancer from the age of 12. From this Luke turned his hand to making homemade covers of his favourite artists before moving the UK to studying at the University of West London. During this time Luke split his time between music and modelling, funding his music career by appearing in music videos for big-name acts such as Ellie Goulding, Fred V & Grafix, and Pixie Lott.

With such a strong reggaeton influence on his newest release, LUKE ATME has used his bilingual capabilities to create a mix of Spanish and English lyrics, giving the track and authentically Latin American vibration.

“I represent a lot of different countries, I travel a lot and that helped me to learn many cultures, for this reason I can sing in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. I don’t want to go into one category, I want to reinvent my music through the expression of what I love”, Luke says.

With a stack of new music to come and his next performance at X B Major festival in London on September 30, LUKE ATME’s mix of culture and colourful expression will continue to hit our music feeds throughout 2018.

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