5 benefits of influencer marketing for your music career

5 benefits of influencer marketing for your music career

As a musician, you should always look for new ways to market your career. A successful marketing strategy can help you reach new audiences and grow your brand. Influencer marketing is one of the most popular tactics at the moment, and for good reason! Here are five benefits of using influencer marketing for your music career:

 Influencer Marketing

Reach a wider audience

The main purpose of influencer marketing is to take advantage of the massive audience an influencer has. You could work with someone that has 50,000 online followers. When they promote your music, it is now seen by thousands of different people. Many of these people never knew you existed, so you’ve branched out into a wider audience.


Reach your target audience

While finding new listeners is a big benefit, influencer marketing also ensures that you reach your target market. A lot of marketing efforts can fall on deaf ears as people just aren’t interested in your work. However, you should work with influencers that have a similar target market as you. For example, if your target audience is 18-25 females, you will benefit from working with influencers that share this demographic. They promote you straight to your target audience, so your music won’t fall on deaf ears. It increases the chances of people being interested in your music.

Influencer Marketing

Get more streams and plays

Influencers have very loyal followers that hang on their every word. If they tell them to do something, a large proportion of their followers will do it. So, if an influencer advertises your new song and asks people to stream it, you’ll see an influx of new streams and plays across different platforms. As you can imagine, this has a positive knock-on effect on your career. More streams mean more money, but it can also help boost your songs into the public eye, putting them in popular playlists, etc.


Grow your social media presence

Working with influencers means you will inevitably see some of their followers come to your pages. Therefore, you can gradually grow your social media presence thanks to influencer marketing. This presents you with a larger audience to promote your work when posting on your own pages. Essentially, this also helps you increase your fan base!


Improve your image by association

People will think you’re ‘cool’ if they see a popular influencer promoting your music. Effectively, it’s like you’re handing with the cool kids at school – your reputation gets a boost by associating with them! For a music artist, this can be extremely important. You go from a relatively unknown band/musician to someone that’s associated with one of the top influencers around. Imagine someone sees a recommendation for your music on Spotify or YouTube. Before influencer marketing, they may have turned a blind eye. Now, they recognize you from the influencer’s page, they associate you with the influencer, so they decide to listen to your music.



Hopefully, these five points have shown the massive impact influencer marketing can have on the music industry. If you want to get your music out into the world and grow a loyal following, it might be time to contact some influencers! Struggling to find them? Get in touch with us at The Famous Company and we’ll give you a hand!

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