How to find the right music mentor for you

How to find the right music mentor for you

How do you find the best music mentor for your career? Lots of mentors exist in the music industry, and some are better suited to you than others. Choosing the wrong mentor won’t be a disaster, but it can be a waste of time and money.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve provided some expert guidance to help you settle on the best mentor for your needs:

Music Mentor

Do your research

Do some initial research to find what mentors can offer. You’ll come across many mentoring services – like the one we offer at The Famous Company. With our mentoring service, you can book 90-minute sessions that include discussions of your long/short-term plans, along with marketing analysis, troubleshooting, resources, and an action plan. By doing your research, you have seen everything our mentoring service can offer. Therefore, you can size up whether or not it provides what you’re looking for. The same goes for all other mentors/mentoring services; research them, see what they provide, then judge which one suits your needs the best.

Think about your style

Let’s say you’re a rock musician, will it make sense to choose a mentor that’s more of a rap expert? It’s important to find someone that aligns themselves with your style and musical genre. Here, you will get advice that you can trust as they know what you’re dealing with. Some mentors might be excellent, but if they don’t follow your musical style, what’s the point?

Consider the direction of your career

Similarly, think about the direction you’re taking your career. Where do you want to be next year? What are your goals for the next five years? Some artists may think about a complete change of direction and wish to transition into a different genre. Or, maybe you’re looking to broaden your fanbase by introducing new sounds? It helps to find a mentor with experience in situations like this. As a result, they will help you move your career in the direction you wish for.

Music direction

Think about the availability of the mentor

How available is the mentor? Will they be there when you need them? How do you book sessions with them? Some mentors are readily available and can be booked whenever you need them. Others are less reliable – either due to laziness or a busy schedule. Regardless, you need to weigh up how important availability is to you. If you need a mentor that’s there at your earliest convenience, you can instantly rule out all the ones that aren’t readily available. Again, with our mentoring service, you can book sessions as you require them. It’s completely ad hoc, so you don’t have to worry about booking in advance or not being able to access a mentor.



All in all, you need to follow these steps to find the right music mentor for your career. If you’re keen to find a unique mentoring service that pairs you with the best mentors, check out The Famous Company today. Get in touch with us to chat about your requirements, and click here to view our service in full detail.


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