How To Get More Spotify Streams For Your Music

How To Get More Spotify Streams For Your Music

There’s no denying that Spotify is one of the leading names in online music streaming. According to the company’s website, they have 299 million active monthly users, 60+ million tracks, and their service is available in 92 markets worldwide.

As a musician, you’re undoubtedly looking at ways to make your music known to the world and easily accessible. Spotify is one of the best digital streaming platforms to promote your music. This handy guide shows you how to get more Spotify streams for your music!

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Get your artist profile verified

On Spotify, the little blue tick by your profile name means that you’re a genuine, verified artist on the platform. It’s a brilliant way to notify your followers that your account is the real deal! And not just a copy that some random person has made up.

Arguably the easiest way to get your Spotify profile verified is by signing up to Spotify for Artists. Another benefit is your music is more likely to get selected by Spotify playlist curators. This can then be suggested to listeners most likely to enjoy your music.

Promote your Spotify profile to your fans

Let’s face it. Your main goal on Spotify is to get your music noticed by both Spotify and the users that listen to music on its platform. To make that happen, you need to build up your audience on Spotify.

One simple way to grow your Spotify follower numbers is by promoting your profile to your fans. Try using the power of social media. You can have your fans listen to your music by giving them Spotify links to access.

They can then enjoy your music and follow your profile on Spotify, resulting in an increased audience on the platform.

Actively upload new content to Spotify

Don’t just upload a couple of tracks to your Spotify profile and  then disappear off the face of the Earth! Instead, you should be active on the platform. Regularly upload new content for your fans and followers to enjoy.

So, what happens on Spotify when you’re consistent with your music uploads, podcasts, and social content on Spotify? The answer is simple: your followers will stick with you for the long haul. And Spotify itself is more likely to take notice and feature your music to its subscribers.

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Work on projects with other musicians

Collaborating with other musicians on joint projects is another great way to boost your Spotify streams! It’s one of the best Spotify promotion ideas that you should consider.

Collaborating with other musicians does a couple of things. First of all, it gives your fans access to exciting new content to hear. And, secondly, you reach the other musician’s audience and give them a new artist to consider following on Spotify.

Working with other artists is a tried and tested method of music promotion. It came before the rise of digital music streaming. It’s also something the music industry likes to see as it generates more revenue for them (and for the artists, of course)!

Try us?

At The Famous Company, we provide a range of promotional services to help artists like yourself broaden their reach and boost their audience numbers. We offer a Spotify promotion service to help you:

  • Reach new audiences with your music
  • Boost your Spotify streaming revenue and monthly listeners
  • Get your name known by Spotify’s playlist curators.


Our Spotify promotion service uses a blend of targeted engagement groups. With our service, you’re guaranteed of 100% organic plays. We don’t do anything that will get you kicked off Spotify!

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Make use of Spotify Ads

One final idea for you to consider is the Spotify Ad Studio. In a nutshell, it allows you to create and manage Spotify ad campaigns. Using Ad Studio, you can create 30-second or less ads played to Spotify’s free plan subscribers.

The Spotify Ads are an excellent way to get your music added to more playlists, resulting in greater promotion and revenue.

Final thoughts

As with any marketing, the simple act of uploading your music to Spotify alone isn’t going to magically broaden your reach or make you money. You need to put some time and effort into promoting your name on the streaming platform before you can reap the benefits.

By following the above ideas, you’ll soon boost your audience numbers and get your music noticed by Spotify’s own music playlist curators.

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