5 mistakes to avoid when making a music video

5 mistakes to avoid when making a music video

Producing a brilliant music video isn’t easy. It’s tricky to ensure that a video has the right aesthetic and looks like a high-quality production. At the same time, you need to ensure that your video doesn’t look like it’s come out of a cookie-cutter. It needs to stand out from the rest of the videos online and have a clear artistic hook. There are numerous music video mistakes that you need to go avoid, particularly if you want to go viral. Let’s explore some examples.

Music Video

Poor Quality Equipment

First’ it’s important that you do invest in the right quality of equipment to shoot your video. If you don’t have the right equipment, then your video could be blurry or unfocused. You might also have issues recording the sound and producing something that you can change and adapt in post-production. While high-quality equipment is expensive it will be a key investment you need to make.


Cutting Corners On Pre Production And Planning

You need to make sure that you are planning your music video production. You should have a clear artistic vision in your mind and potentially on paper before you show up to shoot the video. If you don’t have a plan in place, then you will run into various issues. Ultimately, your video will end up looking a complete mess and there will be no clear story.


Not Scouting A Location In Advance Of The Shoot

This is a mistake that even the most famous artists have made in the past. You might recall the time when Rihanna decided to shoot a video in the middle of a field in Ireland. Absurdly, her team had not gained permission from the farmer or explained what they wanted to shoot. This led to a massive controversy. It’s important to know you have the right to shoot in a public place and ensure that there are no issues that will impact the backdrop. This includes problems like the sounds of traffic from a nearby road.

Music Video

Using Friends As Extras

You might think that extras aren’t a key part of your music video. We can assure you that extras are integral to whether your video looks and feels professional. Extras are trained to blend in with the background while providing the right level of acting. This is why you can’t use friends as extras. If you do, it will immediately bring down the production value of your music video.


No Hook

Finally, you do need to make sure that your music video does have something unique and fresh to bring to the market. Without this, it is going to get lost in the sea of other videos online and won’t have any chance of going viral. 



Music video production is not an easy task, but with this guide it should be easier!

Make sure you avoid these BIG music video mistakes! They may make the difference between the next flop and the next viral music video.


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