How To Make A Viral Music Video

How To Make A Viral Music Video

Going viral is the dream for many artists and creators online. It means that your art is seen by the widest audience possible. It’s one of the best ways to reach new levels of fame and fortune. But what will it take to make this happen? To understand this, we need to explore past viral videos that have been successful.

A viral video is usually defined as any video online that has more than 500 million views and spread like wildfire across social media. If you’re aware of a music video and it’s not by a famous artist, then the chances are that it did go viral.

Viral Video


One of the earliest examples of a video that went viral online is “Axel F.” This was a remix of the Beverly Hills Cop theme tune by Crazy Frog. The song was number 1 in the charts in the UK for weeks and blew up internationally. Currently, the music video in question has more than 3 billion views across YouTube.

Alternatively, a recent example of a viral video would be the “Baby Shark Dance.” This started as a children’s viral education video but quickly became popular with adults too. It’s been played in clubs and sung by celebrities. The song by Pinkflong has since had over 6 billion views on YouTube since July 2020.

Both “Baby Shark Dance” and “Axel F” arguably went viral due to their catchy tune or words. But that’s definitely not the only factor that determines whether or not a video goes viral. Let’s explore some of the other key elements.


Use The Right Service

You might think that you can go viral without any support at all. However, don’t be so sure. Most of your favourite artists and bands rely on teams of experts and professionals in the industry to ensure that their next video is a hit. At The Famous Company, we help artists that want to go viral with their music video and work with the best music video directors to ensure that the final product is a high end product and guaranteed to impress or excite a target audience. We are always eager to work with new artists and will ensure that your music video has everything it needs from make-up artists to extras. All you’ll need to focus on is the performance itself.


Find Your Hook/USP

You are certainly not the only one trying to go viral and we’re just not including artists who are already famous in that list. Every year, thousands of people try their shot at fame and attempt to create a video that will go viral. It’s depressing but educational to search YouTube and look for music videos that have zero views. To gain attention, you need to make sure that your video has something unique or compelling about it. For instance, Gangnam Style by rapper Psy wasn’t just catchy. It had an awesome dance that people couldn’t help but copy. This made it the first video ever to reach 1 and then 2 billion views.


Promote It

You might think that if you post your video online, it will automatically find an audience. However, this won’t be enough. You need to go further and make sure that you are also promoting it online. If you already have social media accounts set up, then you need to share it across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You must use your existing audience and get them to spread the video for you. Use the latest SEO techniques to ensure that your video does get the attention that it deserves.


Use The Best Equipment

Finally, if you are creating the video yourself without any support, then you do need to make sure that you are using the best equipment. This will ensure that your music video looks like a professional production. While the right equipment can eat into your budget it will be worth it. This will increase your chances of gaining the right level of attention online. When you explore previous viral musical videos they all have one thing in common – they look incredible.

Viral Music Video


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this helpful guide! Go try out these tips and get producing some great content. We’re looking forward to seeing your next viral music video!

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