Rock and Roll Revitalized: Hard Rock Sensation The Division Red Debuts new single ‘Texas’.

Rock and Roll Revitalized: Hard Rock Sensation The Division Red Debuts new single ‘Texas’.

The Division Red is a Rock & Roll band. As simple as that sounds it makes perfect sense. Nowhere is that more evident than their new single ‘Texas’ off of their brand new EP ‘Crossfire’

With heavy driven guitars interlaced with synth ambiences and a healthy dose of pop, The Division Red strives to create a completely different genre— a ‘new’ rock and roll— where the essence of classic rock anthems can mix with the fresher genres and structures of the 21st century…to create a sound unique unto itself.

Yet the band believes in the power of lyrics; strip away the other elements and they are at heart traditionalists, with their first aim being to kick start a renewed interest in a half buried genre.

“I believe that people have forgotten about rock and roll… especially in pop culture. There used to be a time when rock and roll was pop culture— but now pop culture is mostly trap music, repetitive sampling and words that don’t mean much.” says The Division Red’s lead singer, Daniel Houlemarde. “I believe that the cycle of rock comes back around every so many years, and I believe that there is going to be a resurgence of rock— but [rock] that moves the narrative of the genre forward once again.”

In fact, the band’s single, ‘Texas’, artfully mastered by Mazen Murad ( Iggy Azalea, M.I.A, Monuments), features such a fusion, with an 80’s synth rock base that slowly builds into heavier vibrations of guitar and drum, abating only slightly to allow a huge guitar solo to shine through.

The Division Red cites artists like Coheed & Cambria’s range of styles as an influence, as well as artists like Beck and Prince for their song craftsmanship. First and foremost though, they are a band that is truly driven by their love for rock and roll

“I am an artist at heart.” says Houlemarde. “And as with every other artist, you don’t want to paint just for yourself, you want to paint and share it, and hope people connect with it…”
Crossfire launches The Division Red onto their journey of repainting rock and roll back into relevancy. But painted with the musical tools of the modern era, they do more than just revitalize the genre. The Division Red is gearing up to create a sound that can ultimately transcend genre itself.

Check out ‘Texas’ on Spotify below

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