100 Ways to Get Free Music Promotion

100 Ways to Get Free Music Promotion

Looking for music promotion tips and tricks. Look no further.

We know that getting yourself into the music world is hard. You can get lost in all the social media, streaming platforms, music submission sites and marketing tactics. But, you have to realise that the music business is a business like any other. To get anything out of it you need to put something back in.

To help you, we created a list of 100 ways to get free music promotion and get discovered!

music promotion
Online Presence

Make a presence online

The essentials

      #1  Website

  • You can create a website for your music online, easy and free of charge with WordPressSquarespace, or even specific music-oriented platforms like Wix.com or CD Baby.
    Make a website and regularly update it with new music, news, gigs and information.

     #2  Mailing list

  • Still the best way to reach your fans. Remind them of your creative efforts even if they’re not regular visitors to your website or following you on any social media platforms at the time.
  • Make a mailing list with a weekly/monthly newsletter – Mailchimp.

     #3  Blog

  • On its own or as part of your website, a blog is a perfect way to regularly update your fans with what you’re up to – new songs, gigs, and even personal stuff so your fans can easily connect with you. We’re actually encouraging you not to write only about yourself and your music, because writing on a wide variety of life’s many topics is the best way you can really expand your audience.

     #4  Industry-facing online presence – Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

     #5  Facebook

  • The biggest social network and a must-have. You can improve it with a Facebook app like BandsInTown to display the upcoming gig dates.

    #6  Twitter

  • Easier to use for posting news in real time, and hashtags and mentions are a great way to be discovered. Always seek new hot music hashtags. You can also schedule tweets in advance with TweetDeck or Hootsuite.
social media
Social media


  • Instagram – a great way to spruce up your online presence with some pictures.
  • Snapchat – Also a fun way to present yourself.
  • Pinterest – Not something that comes to your mind when it comes to promoting music, but it’s a platform with huge traffic, and definitely an original way to be seen and heard.
  • Bandpage Connect – A great tool that saves you time updating all of your social media pages at once.

Be Heard Online

  • Online RadioJangoLast.fmPandora (only US, NZ and AUS).
  • Streaming music platforms: Of course the #1 is YouTube, with the biggest traffic and the easiest way for you and your fans to share your music on other websites and social networks.
    Other great platforms to be considered are SoundcloudSpotifyiTunes and Apple Music.
  • Make a virtual gigStageit.com – An interesting and original way to be heard, and you can even earn some money doing it.
  • OneLoad is a time-saving web site that enables you to upload your music videos to all video streaming websites such as Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Give your music for free on Torrent sites – yep, that doesn’t sound right, but in the long run it can really help you get heard.


Boost Your Mailing List and Reward Your Fans

  • NoiseTrade – exchange your music for a fans e-mail address. Simple as that.
  • Band camp – this is a place to sell your music, but you can also give it for free in exchange for an e-mail address.
  • Create campaigns with other artist and help each other get heard with FanDistro.
  • Organize contests and sweepstakes – for them to have the possibility to get a prize, you can ask your fans for an e-mail address or a Facebook like, and you can even use a refer-a-friend option to award bonus entries. This really helps in order to create a significant buzz about yourself.


Suck up a bit to the music services you use

Write a testimonial or record a video testimonial about the music services you liked, and get your name featured on their home page.


Find promoters and sponsers

  • Make a list of potential promoters and then try to befriend them in some way (Facebook, Twitter, or IRL).
  • Ask a local business to give you music promotion in exchange for you promoting them.
  • Or just ask and encourage your friends and fans to do it.
music promotion
Friends talking

Get found by the industry

Find opportunities (gigs, commercials or radio) and make connections with the industry on these excellent websites:

  • Music Xray – you can easily connect it with your SoundCloud.
  • Sonicbids – create an EPK, get music promotion and find gigs, all in one place.
  • ReverbNation – almost everything you need in one place.
  • Or enter music company competitions
  • Go to the music industry conferences – you never know who you’ll meet,
  • Apply to play at Midem, the annual music industry conference.


It’s all about the blogs

As we already said, updating your blog is essential. But it’s not the only blog that matters…

  • Make a list of potential bloggers and start making a connection with them in every possible way.
  • Start with commenting on their blog posts.
  • If they have a Twitter account – retweet and mention!
  • You could even ask to write a guest blog post on some good-standing music blogs.
music promotion
Blog writing


Which blogs?

The blogs that actually want you to send them your  music. Yes, they exist. But do your research and find the ones that match your type of music!

But if you find yourself waiting in vain for a response, here is a list of blogs that will certainly, at least listen to your music:

All genres:



Promote your music IRL

  • Create download cards, or print a custom business card with the URL for downloading your music.
  • There are some services that offer free postcards and flyers you can use to promote your gigs and your band, like Print24 or Instantprint.
Music posters

Promote your gigs and tours

Besides the already mentioned essential sites for promoting yourself, you can also use these sites to promote your shows and sell tickets online.


Get out there and play some shows

Find opportunities on these websites:


Its not always about you (sorry)

  • Make a website about something related to your music, for example a genre of your music, or maybe something your fans are probably into.
  • You can create a podcast or even a radio show about it.
  • Make a cover of you favorite popular song, similar to your type of music, and upload it online.
  • Organize a charitable event and gain self-promotion. It’s not as altruistic in the true sense of the word but you will actually be doing some good! It works and everybody is doing it, in various walks of life.



  • Make your designs great and memorable, or improve existing ones.
  • Every band has a T-shirt. Decide on selling something original and unique – phone cases, sweatbands, mugs, flasks, stickers…
  • You can even sell your music sheets or lyric book.
  • Create ringtones out of your songs.
  • And of course, sell it online with websites like Dizzyjam or Bonfire.
band t shirt
Band merc

Bonus Tips

  • Hold a Google Hangouts Q&Awith your fans and then upload it online.
  • Always tag your fanson Facebook photos from the gigs
  • Ask a DJ to remix your music– you give them material and you promote each other – a win-win situation.
  • Start using music forums and create a forum signature with your links.
  • Music forums are the best way to ask for help and tips about promoting your music
  • Track your marketing campaign with something like Nextbigsound.
  • And see what your fans are saying about you with Google Alerts.
  • Use music industry apps such as Cosound



After reading that list long list of music promotion techqniues, you’re going to want to try everything. We understand that. The thing is, you don’t have enough hours in a day to be active on every single page mentioned here. But see what fits you the best and give that a good go!

Do a little bit of research, try them all out and decide for yourself.  Of course the website, social media, blog, newsletter and your online resume are essential. So start from there and build up your name on the internet, and then IRL.

Good luck in your quest for music promotion!

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