With nearly 20 years of experience working with major and independent labels alike, including Sony, Universal, Warner, Merge Records, and Matador among many more, our video promotion team is widely considered the best in the industry. They’ve championed some of the most exciting established artists today, but haven’t forgotten their roots; independent artists and bands will get the same expertise and treatment as the superstars.


Your music video will be promoted to dozens of international TV channels, including US National networks MTV/MTV2, Revolt, Bet, Stingray, FUSE and CMT as well as the notable US regional music video shows JBTV, California Music Channel, LATV, and Music Mix. We’ll pitch videos to international retail and in-store video pools like Promo Only, MoodMedia and Screenplay. Your music videos will also reach the OTT channels (television delivered via the Internet) like Music Choice and MTV On-Demand found on platforms such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast.

Over the last two decades we’ve established and maintained a water-tight relationship with the music video programming world. Our team’s ever-growing network of contacts allows us to continually update our comprehensive database of music video programming outlets, which encompasses all music genres and cuts right across geographical boundaries. We have connections with important music channels all over the world and can discuss your aims in detail with these platforms in order to get your videos being broadcast to millions.