connecting you

 With a new audience


connecting you

 With a new audience



In the UK alone, 14.6 million people listened to podcasts during 2021 - a substantial rise of 19.7% compared with the previous year.

76% of podcast listeners have acted on a brand message they’ve heard from a podcast.

Over one-third (104 million) of Americans listen to podcasts regularly.

During Covid, podcasting experienced unprecedented growth and podcast audiences diversified.


Building your career as an artist goes beyond just your music. Take advantage of podcasts and streaming services to reach new audiences and elevate yourself in the music industry. Sometimes it’s just not enough to push your music by itself, and giving people more reasons to discover your talent is an essential part of furthering your career as a musician. Our experts in the field of digital marketing will use your following, brand and appeal to gain you vital traction in this dynamic new domain.

This once niche market is becoming mainstream. Make use of major streaming platforms’ comprehensive reach and liaise with our experienced audio and video technicians to bring life to your podcast. Connecting with your audience in an authentic way is key for your development as an artist, and our team of marketing experts will guide you through the process of distributing your podcast so that it grows your follower-base.

Tease music, stories, song-writing tips and boost your overall online presence with a bespoke podcast (series) that draws in audiences who might otherwise miss your music. Podcasts are hugely valuable as a means for fronting the promotion of your music with an authentic, human element. Via the help of our Press and PR team we will strategize about the best ways to execute a bespoke podcast campaign, affording you additional revenue opportunities in the process. Using our varied experience, we will help you build business relationships and connections with other industry professionals to ensure your musical talent is heard by those who matter.

 The powerful promotional tool that podcasting can be for your overall presence in the music scene should not be underestimated. Working with us on this front is the best way to ensure you’re doing everything to increase general exposure and awareness of your music – in a way that sees more people discovering you by the day.


Created for the independent music space, Almost Famous is a music industry podcast dedicated to bringing insights and knowledge for emerging musicians and music industry professionals from experts at the top of their field. Surviving the music industry is never going to be easy, but lucky for you we’ve got years of experience and a bulging contact book to help make the journey a little smoother.

Each episode answers the questions you’ve always wanted to ask and gives you tips and advice on how to succeed in your music industry journey.