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Famous is a driven provider of industry-leading music services. We’re built on the values of musical expression and creative freedom. We boast an experienced team of creative professionals whose expertise span photography, music production, videography, graphic design and other creative domains. Working with us, you’ll receive cutting-edge creative content production to facilitate your music career. Artists, bands, DJs, industry professionals and record labels alike can benefit from high-grade song-writing and recording services, music video production, bespoke graphic design work and industry-standard audio-visual editing and mastering processes. As an artist, making sure that the creative content you put out is of the best standard cements your position in the industry – and gains you better opportunities moving forward.



In the ever-evolving music industry, the standard of the content you put out is what sets you apart from the rest. This goes far beyond an artist’s musical ability – it’s the quality of the instrumental and remix production, resolution and editing of music videos and the standard of your online and digital presence. Really, it’s all the things that (if not adequately considered) mark an amateurish artist apart from an established one. Nailing these areas first time (with the help of those who know what they’re doing) is essential for your progression as an artist; without this, and by simply relying on only your musical talent, you’ll find it tough to make waves in the industry.

From song-writing and recording, to instrumental production, remixing, and mixing and mastering, our music production team spans an award-winning lineup of innovative creative professionals.

Video production from leading-edge videographers, directors and editing teams – whose expertise cover live, 360° and standard music video creation. Our creative team produces and distributes the highest-quality video to enhance your visual presence.

Our published photographers are well-acclaimed for shooting big names in fashion, music and entertainment. Our photography packages cover social media, press and release campaign imagery, and we include professional retouching treatment as standard.

Branding and creative design that gives artists their unique image. Our graphic design experts create logos, social media and website designs that visually represent you, your music and your brand – including creating merchandise using your unique graphics.

Tailored content creation for social media channels, website and streaming platform profiles, with packages covering video, photo and story format posts. Our experienced digital marketing professionals analyse your data to deliver pools of bite-sized and large-scale promotional content.



As an alternative music services agency, we do things slightly differently; plenty of companies will offer you mediocre creative services at an inflated rate, with little concern for the actual quality of the support they provide you or the music you make. At Famous, we want to take your career to the next level and want you to make great music along the way. The standards and processes behind harnessing your talent and using it to create chart-topping releases are important to us. That’s why working with us you’ll get the expertise of our team of award-winning music, video and design professionals: innovative music producers and audio engineers, specialist videography and editing professionals, experienced photographers and post-production editors as well as skilled in-house graphic designers. We want to ensure that we help you perfect your craft by providing all the right frameworks from the start. So, let’s get started.

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