What is Spotify Canvas?

We get asked this question at The Famous Company all the time.. “how do I get the videos behind my music on Spotify?”.. well, we hope this article helps.

Spotify Canvas is the latest Spotify feature, and it’s set to enhance the Spotify experience for users and offers massive potential for artists to get their music noticed.

Spotify Canvas will add a visual element to user’s Spotify experience and help to bridge the gap between streaming and owning a physical copy of a track with artwork.

How does Spotify Canvas Work?

Artists gain the power to add a visual element to their work with Spotify Canvas. Essentially, it is a new way of adding artwork to your music. The artwork will appear as a short looping visual in the now playing view. You can add different visuals to each of your tracks, and the great news is that you can change the visuals whenever you want.

What are the benefits of Spotify Canvas?

Spotify Canvas enhances the listening experience for Spotify users. Canvas allows artists the opportunity to express themselves visually and brings greater depth to their music to engage listeners. 

According to Spotify, Canvas users are already seeing the benefits of adding a visual to their tracks. Streams, saves, and artist profile visits have increased when artists have a high-quality visual added to their track.

Who can use Spotify Canvas?

Spotify Canvas is at the beta stage right now, so selected artists are using the feature. Not been selected? No problem, you can sign up to join the waiting list to register your interest in the beta and to stay up to date with all the latest information.

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