What are the best music business advice blogs?

Are you an independent musician looking for advice on developing your music career? Whether you’re looking for the most up-to-date advice on music promotion, or just looking for some up-to-date gig reviews, we’ve sourced the top five blogs for DIY musicians in 2020.

  1. The Famous Company

The Famous Company are a music industry advisor and service with a blog that provides information on everything from how TikTok is changing the music industry, to how LoveIsland is partnering with Universal Music. A mix of key advice and breaking news for the independent artist to delve into. The best part of The Famous Company is that they explain tools like Spotify Canvas, so they are a good tool for new artists trying to delve into tools for music promotion. Check out their blog here

  1. Music Crowns

Your one-stop-shop for all manner of advice and new music. They allow you to upload your music, and even host live sessions on a section of the site. Whether you want to see the latest music-themed viral video, or need to know how to make an album cover, their blog has a range of reading and watching material to amuse, engage and advise the DIY musician looking for some inspiration.

  1. The Last Mixed Tape

For those obsessed with all things indie, this blog covers everyone from My Chemical Romance to Elbow, with a handy weekly gig guide for anyone looking for something fun to do on the weekend. They also have album and EP reviews, interviews and their own song of the week feature if you’re on the lookout for something new to listen to. Check out their blog for top advice on the latest gigs to visit.

  1. Killing Moon Limited

Killing Moon Limited is an independent record label that has hundreds (literally hundreds) of interviews, previews, new artist introductions, live recordings, and new releases from the label. It’s a good one to approach as not only are they an independent record label, but they also have a blog to help you with self-promotion and your budding career. Their track of the day also shows videos from independent artists, many of which are also interviewed on the site itself.

  1. Cougar Microbes

Cougar Microbes are a London based music site committed to British and Global trends. They cover everything from gaining popularity as a musician to releasing indie music and interviews with new artists, who drop tempting tidbits on their tales of success. They also host videos and songs from SoundCloud for new artists, so is a good place to approach as a DIY musician looking to expand their reach through music promotion.

Whether you’re looking for a blog you can submit to, for some new free promotional software info, or just an interesting read for all things independent musician, these five blogs will satisfy your taste. Haven’t seen anything you like here? Why not start your own independent music blog? Here’s to some happy reading or blogging for you and your independent musician career.

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