Get a MTV Artist Page

Get a MTV Artist Page

MTV Artist Page

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What was an MTV Artist page? 1

How do I now get music onto MTV? 2

What was an MTV Artist page?  

Launched in 2012, the MTV Artists Platform was an online music portal that was designed to allow artists to upload content through their MTV Artist Profile. MTV aimed to use the hub to create and generate traffic for their site by giving artists more opportunity to engage and connect with their fans. However, the service has failed to survive after the emergence of Vevo and the overwhelming success of YouTube as a platform for emerging artists. Due to this, features allowing artists to upload their music have been removed entirely from the site and links to the platform (see now redirect back to the MTV home page.

How do I now get music onto MTV? 

Despite the decline of the MTV Artist Platform, the Viacom TV Network (the company which owns, amongst others, the music and entertainment channels MTV, VH1 and Bet) still has its part to play in providing a platform for new and emerging artists. Viewing figures may have declined in recent years for the network thanks to the emergence of video sharing platforms, however MTV and VH1 still, for the time being at least, hold a significant television audience share in the UK.

In order to get music onto MTV in the UK you can no longer directly submit music to their service online. Getting your songs onto MTV will now require you to work with a TV/radio plugger or an online distribution service which may offer MTV as part of the packages they supply. Consequently, what this means is that it is no longer free to upload music to MTV and so you have to make sure that if you are actively pursuing this option then make sure you do your research, listen to the advice of professionals and shop around. Make sure as well you ask yourself questions like, is your video right for a music channel and is it of commercial quality?

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