David George – better known as Deore – developed an interest for songwriting at just 13 in Amsterdam. Inspired by hip-hop heavyweights J. Cole and Mick Jenkins, along with rap geniuses like Dave, the 23-year-old fused his admiration for established names with the talent of the local Dutch artists he grew up listening to.

Deore was born and raised in the Netherlands capital, but has his roots lying in Nigeria. Intrigued by making short freestyles as a kid, he only began to take things seriously at the age of 21 – a decision which already seems wise. Just his second offering of music, ‘Mystery’ is a well-conceived melancholy-loaded rap tune sure to have your head nodding.

Soft piano musings and soothing melodies make for an atmospheric opening to ‘Mystery’. As 808 kicks and piercing hihats come in, it offers a contrasting – but finely executed – blend of delicate melody and heavy-hitting production, creating a murky and ponderous listening experience. Deore’s laid-back delivery style matches the mood perfectly.

Deore says on hearing the instrumental (produced by Evi) it struck something deep within him. “I make sure I feel the beat out, so I might take thirty minutes to an hour to really understand how it’s making me feel,” says the Dutch artist. “Mentally, this one took me to a place where I just questioned life in its whole self.” He speaks of the obscurity he experienced during the song-writing process – ultimately sparking his drive to create a musical eulogy to human existence: “Life is a mystery and that’s the beauty of it…”

Southampton-based musician Deore is well-versed in creating atmospheric rap songs that capture the mood of a moment. His previous single ‘Circles’ traversed similarly gloomy yet powerful soundscapes with playful storytelling. ‘Mystery’ does not dissent from this philosophy – its softly cynical take on life delivered on full show lyrically. “I try to articulate those feelings on paper without filtering certain things out,” he says.

Armed with a healthy creative process, and inspired by a lust for life’s big questions, Deore looks to create music moods which blend old school flows with leading-edge sounds. He hopes his latest release (and writing music in general), with its prying messages and murky melodies, can somewhat pacify his curiosity about the world – even if not affording him full clarity.

“This song was written at a time where I questioned a lot of things – but I came to a conclusion of ‘maybe I’m just not meant to know what all of this means and it’s okay to not have the answers I was looking for’…”


Whatever the incentives for this talented 23-year-old, his passion for musical expression is clear and raw. Along with music, Deore is an avid basketball player – “that and music I would say are my two biggest passions,” he says. Just his second offering of music, ‘Mystery’ is an impressive single sure to slam-dunk his music career and place him centre-court in the UK rap arena.

‘Mystery’ is AVAILABLE NOW on all major platforms.

Follow Deore’s musical journey on Instagram and Spotify.

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