Still early in their musical journey, the alternative pop/rock and electronic duo release their third single to date – an electrifying, heavily guitar-infused, high-energy rock anthem. 

The co-creation of Austrian electro-rockers Mike & Soles, Shredded Bulbs is an eclectic – but finely executed – blend of heavy guitars, electronic textures and catchy pop undertones. Their latest single sees them bring vitality and artistic endeavour in one track.

‘Waterfall’ does not dissent to their philosophy; setting a raw, garage-rock tone from the outset, the track is backed by sporadic bassy undercurrents over which Mike and Soles lay instantly memorable, anthem-like hooks. Distorted guitars drive their echoes of “Together”, creating a gritty, twisting, and unmistakably rock-inspired sound. 

The duo seem to have mastered the Nirvana-esque loud/quiet dynamic; ‘Waterfall’ is full of twists and turns, varied soundscapes, unexpected and crashing crescendos – a virtue the song-writers hope will land them with a diverse audience: “We aim to capture pure and radiant energy that will instantly appeal to electronic, pop and rock fans everywhere,” say the Austrian artists. “Waterfall’s cross appeal of listening is our unique selling point – we just love to connect things.”

The pair have expanded on their signature sound, incorporating new atmospheres and wild visuals, but remain a largely untried entity in the music world. Citing Shredded Bulbs’ formation, they explain “it’s an absolutely new project for us, we’re starting from scratch. We went into the studio, tried out a few promising things and, step-by-step, elaborated on our very own sound.”

Mike and Soles say the messages behind ‘Waterfall’ represent a relationship; the connectedness, love, strength and passion shown to beloved partner: “The water always looks for a way, even if there is no obvious way… this is the love that the song describes – the community, the trust that this connection knows no bounds.”

But not everything was plain-sailing; reflecting on the timing of the Covid-19 outbreak, the song-writers remark “everything went perfectly and then, boom, this pandemic hit us – no concerts, no audience. We decided to go straight back into the studio and record ‘Waterfall’.” The motivations for the single are fitting for the period in which it was conceived; feelings of love, compassion, and togetherness helped us all through lockdown – even if hampering the creation of new music…

Asked where they’d like to see Shredded Bulbs in a year’s time, the duo say “we’re dying to rock the stage after this time of abstinence. We have big goals, and they’re for big stages – we want to bring people together.” 

With a “wonderful team” around them (notably production engineer & partner Heinz Luschtinez) they’re working towards more live performance, festivals and an album in 2022 – ‘spreading the bulbs vibes to the people’ with every strum.

It seems this is just the start for this exciting Austrian electro-rock twosome – a release that is certain to stand them in good stead for their stadium-filling aspirations. ‘Waterfall’ is out now on all major platforms. 

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