How To Promote Your Spotify Song

How To Promote Your Spotify Song

Turn your music marketing up to full volume! Building up an audience on Spotify for artists can prove challenging for many emerging artists: Creating and managing platforms can be time-consuming, but with the right music marketing plan, you will be able to promote your music successfully. Reaching potential fans through a range of marketing tactics will increase your followings and allow your music to be placed in front of the right audience. If you have been struggling to promote your music, you are not alone. Many up and coming artists can find it difficult to breakthrough. However, using the right music marketing tools and implementing them can significantly increase your chances. Below, we are going to share our top 6 tips on how you can promote your Spotify song effectively.

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Our 6 tips on how to promote your Spotify song effectively

#1 Customise your Spotify channel

Personalising your Spotify artist profile adds professionalism, originality, and recognition as an artist. The first thing that people will see is the image, and this will be where decisions are made whilst listeners are browsing for the right Spotify playlist or song. As one of the top streaming platforms with millions of users, ensuring the visuals on your profile as well as your music on Spotify stand out is essential. A personal brand as an artist presents who you are to the world, what you stand for and how you differentiate from your fellow musicians. As an artist, you should be developing a unique identity and deciding where you see yourself being placed in the music industry. When people notice your song on Spotify or promoted across other platforms, the cover’s visuals should effectively communicate across your brand.

#2 Engage with your fans

Encourage your fans to follow you across all social media platforms and engage with them regularly. When communicating directly with your fans, you build a fan base that will be loyal and value you. The strong relationships that form mean more than you think to fans and will give them a chance to get to know you on a more personal level. You should let them know about new releases and music-related news and keep them up to date on daily activities and general life-news. When promoting a new song, share a few snippets of you recording it so that your fans can follow the journey.

#3 Share your music across multiple platforms

Always make sure to share each of your songs across all of your social platforms. Don’t be afraid to share them more than once, as there will always be people who missed out on the first post! Sharing recorded songs and live streams is highly engaging for your fans and gives them a virtual event to enjoy. Follow a consistent style with each post so that your audience can instantly recognise your posts, and be sure to follow other relevant artists; networking opens up endless opportunities! You can share your songs directly from a Spotify link to both your stories and channels on social media, so be sure to make use of this tool. Once you have followed other artists, why not send over your new song to them and ask for some feedback? This can give you professional opinions on your music that are incredibly useful and open up the opportunity for your song to be shared on their profile in front of a new audience.

#4 Release new music as regularly as possible

We understand it can be difficult to release music regularly, and of course, we believe in quality over quantity! However, keeping up consistency means that followers will remain engaged. Even if you don’t have music to release, be sure to share regularly when any new songs are in progress; this keeps the excitement amongst fans. A great way to do this when promoting a new song can be by adding countdowns to Instagram stories to build up your fans’ anticipation.

#5 Contact a playlist curator

This is incredibly important when promoting your Spotify song. Pitch a song to both Spotify’s own playlists, and the user’s with large followings. If being chosen, using these submission tools can guarantee that you are placed in your follower’s release radar playlists, allowing your music to reach a much wider audience! When choosing your Spotify playlist placement, this will depend on your genre and target audience, ensuring that your song gets the most visibility in the right location. Here are a few tips when looking for user-generated playlists:

  • Look for distinct names and search for their social media platforms
  • Search for your specific genre in Spotify
  • Search in the Spotify community
  • Contact curators via LinkedIn for professionalism.

#6 Promote your Spotify song with a Spotify promotion service

There are many promotional services out there; through Spotify, you can even use Spotify ad studio or other audio ads to manage audio campaigns. Here at The Famous Company, we love to work with musicians through Spotify promotion and give you the best chance to get your music out there! Are you interested in promoting your Spotify song, increasing your streaming, reaching new audiences and getting your music in front of playlist curators? Get in touch with the team today to see how we can help you. 

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