How Can an Artist Be Original?

How Can an Artist Be Original?

How Can an Artist Be Original?

One of the toughest tasks each artist will encounter is the pursuance of being perceived as ‘original’. But really, originality is not something you can strive for, it’s something you have to innately be. Here’s a few ways in which you can give your best shot at standing out:

  • Innovate, don’t imitate. It’s absolutely fine to take influence from your idols, but you have to expand upon them. How can an artist be original if they’re constantly trying to replicate what has already been done before? Unless you’re a tribute act, no one wants to hear a copycat.
  • Push the boundaries. Most world-renowned musicians came to prominence because they were revolutionary in their artistry, changing the scope of music and redefining the limits of what could be done. In that spirit, experiment with the standardised structures and accepted arrangements. The status-quo is yours to remold.
    When it feels like everything has already been done before, picturing a new genre of music to emerge is almost as difficult as trying to imagine a new colour. Yet, just like colour, sometimes the best way to create something different is by mixing existing elements together. Borrow and build.
  • Be yourself. If there’s something that sets you apart, don’t hide from it, put it on parade! You may regard it as a perk or a pitfall, but more often than not, it’s something you can use to your advantage. The music industry is full of the weird and wonderful, and some of the most iconic figures have been the kookiest characters.
    Your lyrics should serve as your principal tool when it comes to being original. Being a songwriter is your opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings and perspective with the world. Write from your real life experiences, as they are unique to you. Just bear in mind that you will probably find more success if your audience can relate to what you’re trying to say. It’s your job to take a familiar feeling and put it in a poetic way.

If in doubt, don’t overthink it – feel it.

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