How the music industry will change in 2020

If you haven’t noticed, the music industry has been going under a major metamorphosis over the past few years. More than that, it has drastically changed over the past decade, with the internet and how we use it playing the largest role in shaping those trends. That change doesn’t seem to be slowing down any, either. Here are some of the music industry trends 2020 to look out for and what they mean for artists and listeners alike.

Streaming platforms continue to diversify

Spotify is far from the only music streaming platform out there anymore. Tidal may have had a rocky start, but it’s starting to pick up for fans of hip-hop. Apple Music, YouTube Music and Pandora Radio are also offering some strong competition .Music streaming platforms may continue to diversify, following the trend set by video streaming, with different labels launching their own platforms, too.

Streaming means more than listening live now

A new field for musicians is for them to jump on video streaming platforms such as YouTube Live or Twitch. This is a growing space where musicians are developing tight-knit communities of loyal followers with a schedule of frequent live shows. Some musicians have used this following to go on to launch releases as well, with a ready-made audience ready to buy.

DIY musicians and store-bought ingredients

DIY artists have never not been a thing in the music industry, but the increasing availability of affordable music industry tech is making it easier for creatives to get into the field and start creating. The rise of recent successes such as Danger and Carpenter Brut show that. Store-bought beats and samples are also becoming a lot more commonly heard in breakout tracks, as online beat stores start to grow more established and diverse.

Music will get rolled up with other streaming services

One evolution that will be tricky to navigate is the increase of digital streaming “bundles” popping up. YouTube Music coming with YouTube Premium is just one example. We can expect Apple Music to get rolled up with Apple TV. Will Spotify end up joining on the video streaming platforms? This could mean a better and more attractive deal to consumers, increasing the overall audience, but it’s unsure how this might affect what artists get from the platforms their music is on.

More international hits

K-pop, Latin American music, and the rise of French electronica all show how the internet is making music a much more international space. UK and US based artists have always had something of an advantage when it comes to accessing the global market, but the rise of the international music scene shouldn’t prove a barrier to western artists, either. It just makes all kinds of music more accessible to listeners across the world if you make sure you get on the right platforms.

The above are just some of the music industry trends we expect to see in 2020. Of course, the digital age is one of disruption, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if something brand new threw all these predictions off, too.

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