Artists are like brands, most of them with the goal of becoming household names. But brands can’t solely rely on the quality of their products; they have to effectively market themselves too. And what best distinguishes brands from one another? Graphics and logos. 

The music industry is competitive by nature and you need to stand out from the rest. As important as it is for musicians to represent themselves with a unique sound and music style, it is just as essential to define yourself in terms of aesthetics and branding. 

In the modern music industry, visual representation is unequivocally part of an artist’s identity. Below are some of the main reasons why ascertaining your visual identity is imperative for the growth of your music career.

More effectively drive a campaign

There are many things that go into building your career as an artist besides just your music. Growing your online presence, building industry connections and promoting new releases are all areas that need just as much attention as going to and from the studio. Most of these are things you will have already thought about – but have you considered the importance of graphics and visuals in really showing people what you’re all about?

Beyond just promoting your music, you should definitely be looking at acquiring tailored graphics to support your online (or even print) campaigns. Whether it’s an upcoming tour, single release or album campaign – it should be driven by engaging cover artwork, poster design, and social media channel art. 

In the world of music, interest is frequently generated through visual engagement – think about how many times you’ve seen a poster for an event and thought “that looks good”, or picked up a CD after liking the design. And unless you’re familiar with an artist and/or their music already, you’re going to show an interest in them based on what you see online and in magazines or other publications. 

Take pride in the way you visually market yourself and pay someone if it will get you high-quality and attention-grabbing graphics. This is more cost-effective than you think; freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr make it easy to acquire graphics for pretty cheap. You may have ambitions to launch an app, plastered with your unique visuals. You may want to take advantage of Spotify’s canvas feature by adding artwork or a looping video. All of this starts with graphics.

Determine your visual identity 

A unique artist logo gives you a distinct identity; it allows your audience to match you (and your music) with a compelling and attractive visual personality. Making this logo not only aesthetically-pleasing, but also memorable, will allow you to brand it on a much wider scale. If you can get to a stage where your logo is unmistakeably synonymous with you, you have a powerful visual marketing tool at your disposal. 

Be meticulous with this process, as a hastily designed artist logo can get lost in the sea of competitive graphic design imagery. Source the right designer and talk with them about how you want to be digitally represented. If you get this right first time, you’ll solidify an identity that makes you very distinctive. 

Your artist logo can be used as the basis for your website design, if it follows a similar creative aesthetic. Pooling certain unique combinations of colours, themes, designs and type-fonts will give you an unmistakable identity to market on a range of digital fronts. The graphics on your social medias should scream you – your personality, your music, your aura, and really everything makes you you. So think about banners and profile logos, how the colours work together, whether they’re engaging or just overbearing, how the page looks at first glance and the general lay-outs. 

Basically, there’s lots that engaging graphics can do to present the real you, so aim to create striking visuals that will live long past your first album. 

Create additional revenue

As well as a tool for promoting yourself as a musician, graphics can also serve as a direct revenue stream – if utilised correctly. If people like your logo in particular, you could link an e-commerce store to your socials, selling bespoke merchandise on which your graphics could be printed. Think t-shirts, snapbacks, festival bands, pens, mugs, lighters, bags, plectrums, and basically anything which you think your fanbase might use or wear. As an independent artist, they’ll want to support you, which is why artist-branded merchandise can be a great way to bring in extra cash to facilitate your music career. 

Taking a holistic approach to how you are visually represented can also target those on the fringes of your main audience. It’s no secret that most people pick up a new CD or vinyl record from an unknown musician based on the packaging. Having thoughtful consideration for the artwork you sign off on could mean the difference between increased sales and stagnant progress; the art used on an album cover is a vital space to grab an audience’s attention, so don’t overlook the significance of it.

Time to be seen and heard!

Now that you’re aware of why graphic design is important, you can decide how you want to go about acquiring and displaying your newfound visual identity. The wealth of freelance services now available online have made it far easier to source designers. The problem with these platforms is that you’re effectively paying somebody you don’t know (for services you’re unfamiliar with). Reviews and portfolios are a good basis to start from, but ultimately you never know who you’re dealing with and you should proceed at your own risk.

If you’re looking for something more secure in order to strengthen your graphics game, Famous guarantee to provide the highest-grade artist graphics, logo and website design service packages *insert link*. Get in touch to find out more about what we offer, and how you can ensure you’re effectively seen and heard as a modern musician. 


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