Radio pluggers are a subset of public relations specialists who specialize in getting clients’ music played on the radio, which now includes traditional radio, internet radio, and music streaming services. Pluggers are the link between bands, their labels, and station managers, show producers, and DJs. They’re essentially being paid for the contacts they’ve built.

It’s a Radio plugger’s job to get an artist’s music played on the radio. This activity can be done by major labels with their in-house pluggers or independent freelance pluggers. Now, they’re all doing the same thing but the only difference is that the major labels will have a lot more cash to spend.  That’s not to say an independent plugger won’t do as good a job and get your music played.

how do songs get on the radio


The Relevance of Radio Pluggers in 2022

Getting music playlisted on radio stations is a top priority for musicians and bands, simply because airplay translates into revenue through not only royalties but also potential performance opportunities and sales.

Radio pluggers have a comprehensive reach to all stations – national, regional, community, campus, retail and online.

  • Radio pluggers understand the current landscape and format of each radio station and are able to submit songs strategically, where they know they have a chance of making it onto the playlist.
  • Radio pluggers have relationships with music managers that enable a fast track to the top of the pile and into the listening sessions.
  • Radio pluggers have time. Time is what is needed to build the relationship, make the pitch and conduct the follow-up calls.
  • Radio pluggers know what is trending on radio both locally and internationally, and can make strategic recommendations accordingly.
  • They understand the process of radio promotion, when to follow up and how to follow up.

What Famous Can Do For You

There are other ways to get airplay for your music, but this will often require you to build your own following and buzz. Hiring a radio plugger guarantees that your music will get some level of air coverage, from national, regional, student to online stations. One of the main reasons why musicians chose to work with radio pluggers is due to their theoretical skills and knowledge of the radio industry. As they are professionals within that industry, they know exactly what is trending on radio stations, what specific radio station caters towards the musician and their target audience, along with creating various strategies in order to make the campaign successful.

As one of the best radio promotion companies, Famous offers radio plugging promoting your music to listeners across multiple platforms. At Famous, our national radio pluggers provide a comprehensive promotion campaign covering the main national stations – Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss & Heart. Our pluggers have regular meetings with producers of daytime and specialist shows and Heads of Music where we discuss tracks and build up interest for it to be considered for spot plays and playlisting. Our pluggers keep in touch with the radio stations to make sure they are updated on the development and progress of the release.

Our regional radio promotion covers selected independent local radio across the UK. Our pluggers pitch to heads of music, DJ’s and presenters and aim to provide both playlist additions and opportunities for interviews and PA’s at roadshows. Our pluggers cover all the big group stations including Bauer and Global amongst others.

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