Italian Cellist Duo ‘MR & MRS CELLO’ Deliver A Beautiful Rendition of Einaudi’s ‘Nuvole Bianche’

Italian Cellist Duo ‘MR & MRS CELLO’ Deliver A Beautiful Rendition of Einaudi’s ‘Nuvole Bianche’

Charging Us Back into The Classical Era- Italian Cellist Duo ‘MR & MRS CELLO’ Deliver A Beautiful Rendition With Their Latest Release ‘Nuvole Bianche’.

Authentic, soothing, and unbelievably romantic. Mr. Massimiliano Martinelli and Mrs. Fulvia Mancini, AKA- Mr & Mrs Cello, are igniting sparks of electricity into the classical music scene this month, with their passionate display of musical expertise and amorousness harmonies.

With the brand new release of their latest music video ‘Nuvole Bianche’, OUT NOW, the iconic Italian couple are taking the classical world by storm, drawing in attention from all over the world with a melodic expression of soulful nuance. In a seamless development of musical aptitude, Mr & Mrs Cello entangle us into a vivid love story. With the soft, yet profound bass of the cello we are quickly captivated by the stunning notes of their debut piece ‘Nuvole Bianche’; a translucent journey of affection, veracity and aspiration.

Hailing from Italy, Mr. Massimiliano Martinelli and Mrs. Fulvia Mancini (Mr & Mrs Cello) are professional Italian cellists, bringing forward their love and veneration for the cello and classical performance into the modern music industry. After performing and teaching classical music for many years, their current concentration is upon bringing classical and pop music into more countries all over the world, passing back the appreciation for classical music that has forever been so remarkable.

Currently living in Switzerland, the duo have delved into many musical dimensions, gaining attention by performing at many events, and being requested to teach the cello and chamber music at the Music University of Hokkaido, Japan. With such an undeniable knack for musicianship, the couple are also the artistic directors of the famous music festival “Regina Musica’ al Castello”, taking place every year by a beautiful castle near Roma, in the province of Maenza. They were also chosen to play alongside Riccardo Muti in his first ‘Luigi Cherubini’ Orchestra in 2006, going on to play several concerts as soloists throughout Asia and Europe.

After making their debut appearance in the famous Italian classical music newspaper ‘Amadeus’, Mr & Mrs Cello are exemplifying todays trend of classical music with absolute endowment. The beautifully developed music video for ‘Nuvole Bianche’ represents a vibrant narrative of emotional composure, staring into the eyes of each other with contentment and melodious serenity. The piece ‘Nuvole Bianche’, originally written by Ludovico Einaudi, has been arranged by the duo to be performed with just 2 cellos.

The film displays a fashionably gorgeous onset, portraying the real Mr & Mrs Cello for who they really, a loving and talented couple with the drive and passion to bring classical music back to the forefront of modern music.

As teachers, Mr & Mrs Cello are firmly committed to helping others bring out the best of themselves through technique and confidence. As artists, Mr & Mrs Cello create a breath-taking mix of virtuosity and elegance, playing and performing in such a passionate and intense way that is reflective of their professional training, and representative of their lustful foundation.

Set to hit our radio stations and TV screens this 2018, Mr & Mrs Cello welcome the release of their latest offering ‘Nuvole Bianche’ as the first taste into the raw expressive energy unveiled within their music.

Watch the stunning music video for ‘Nuvole Bianche’ OUT NOW

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