The 5 Best Ways To Promote Music On Spotify

The 5 Best Ways To Promote Music On Spotify

Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform in the world, boasting 243 million active users. As an artist, having a presence on Spotify is imperative if you wish to build your presence, increase your popularity, and earn royalties. If you’re wondering how to promote music on Spotify, Famous Company has the solution, giving you our top five best ways to promote music on Spotify.

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How to promote music on Spotify 

#1 Playlists are the Best way to promote music on Spotify

Without a doubt, if you are searching for the best way to promote music on Spotify, you cannot overlook the importance of playlists. Playlists are collections of songs from a certain genre, created by individual users, labels, or Spotify itself. There are currently around 4 billion Spotify playlists on the platform. There are three methods to utilise playlists to promote your music.

Reach out to playlist curators

Each playlist is followed by an audience who enjoy the genre. If you are a lofi house artist, the likeness is that many people who follow lofi house playlists on Spotify would enjoy your music too. These curated playlists create a pre-established audience for you to tap into. To find these playlists, type in keywords that match your specific genre. Then scroll through the results, noting those that have high follower numbers and are being frequently updated. Then, type the curator’s Spotify username into Google and find their social media. Send them a dm promoting your music. While this method is not always effective, many popular playlist editors and curators are actively looking for new music, sending yours their way is often appreciated.

Spotify Curated Playlists

That being said, undoubtedly the best way to promote music on Spotify using playlists is to get your music onto Spotify’s cultivated playlists. Spotify’s own playlists are the most popular on the platform, boasting the largest following. The editorial team creates playlists representing almost every genre, featuring up and coming artists and circulating tracks frequently.

In order to be considered for these playlists, you must create a Spotify for Artists account. These accounts help you monitor the success of your music, and help you submit your music directly to Spotify’s cultivated playlists. They have an online form that includes questions about the instruments, genre, mood, and tempo of your music. Spotify plays the music, reads the form, and allocates your track to a playlist they deem fit. Furthermore, for new music, it is helpful to ensure Spotify receives your track prior to its release.

#2 Create your own playlist

Another tactic that helps promote your music on Spotify is to create and manage your own Spotify playlist. With some independent Spotify playlists having hundreds of thousands of followers, it is worth spending time creating playlists that include music from your genre. Therefore, not only do you have a ready-made audience that likes your style of music, but you can add your music into your popular playlists when it’s released.

#3 Link to your Spotify and promote your music on social media

While Spotify does provide methods to promote your music in-house, the platform’s main purpose is for playing music. Therefore, utilising social media to promote your music is a tactical marketing strategy to pitch your music to your followers. Including a Spotify link in your Instagram bio, Soundcloud sidebar, youtube description, or Twitter website link are all effective music marketing methods. The link will lead traffic to your Spotify artist profile, where users can browse your music.

An additional useful feature that Spotify and social media accommodate for is the ability to share your music before it drops. You can create a pre-release link, which allows Spotify users to pre-save the track. When it drops, the music will already be in the users’ saves and be ready to listen to. This is especially useful in widening your listener base as it accommodates for new listeners that don’t have time to listen to your music at that particular moment. It also adds a level of excitement to be saving unheard music.

#4 Spotify Release Radar 

Spotify creates custom release radar playlists for each of their 243 million users every Friday. The playlist accumulates all the releases from that week from artists the user follows. This is fairly out of the control of the artists. If you release new music, all of your followers will be able to see it that week on their release radar. However, it is important to keep in mind that these releases happen on a Friday, so to release your track Thursday evening or Friday morning. Furthermore, release radar demonstrates the importance of reminding listeners to follow your page, so they can keep their finger on the pulse with new music.

Similar to this, Spotify also provides a feature called Discover Weekly. This focuses on Spotify algorithms, creating bespoke playlists for users based on the music they already listen to. Like release radar, these forms of the playlist are out of the control of artists, but they are useful to keep in mind, and useful to see which other artists your followers listen to.

#5 Use a Music Services Agency

Promoting music on Spotify can be time consuming, and distracts you away from creating music. The Famous Company is a helpful tool in not only taking the load off music promotion work off your shoulders, but also putting the load into the hands of a globally recognised, and experienced company. The Famous Company will help you reach new audiences, increase streaming revenue, boost monthly listeners, and get your release in front of playlist curators. We will pitch your music for playlist placement, targeting our extensive network of playlist curators. We will help you feature on the playlists of independent tastemakers, brands, and Spotify’s own.

Our methods are 100% natural; all plays are organic, ensuring that you are eligible for royalties and the official Spotify chart. We can also help manage your Spotify for Artists profile, analysing shifts in streaming patterns to tailor our methods for the best possible growth. Our services are cost-effective and provide high results. Don’t waste time investing in Spotify ad studio, whose audio ads are expensive and rarely listened to. Our methods are the best way to promote music on Spotify and increase your number of Spotify listeners.

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